Why you should work with us

With substantial expertise, E.P. Creation Services is a newly founded company in the fields of marketing and web, we know that web design and development is not only about creating a web page. It is about implementing the appropriate technological solutions for opening a window to the world for your company, building a solid reputation and accelerating its growth. It is about the image you want to project to others, ti is the key to success and continuation of business. Your company’s reputation, success and longevity depends on how you are going to position yourself in this highly competitive and challenging market environment; it depends on the choices you will make and the decisions you will take.

When it comes to choosing the right partner to help you through this process, it is imperative you find the right people. You need people who understand your needs and demands, who have the innovation, experience and ability to accompany you through the possess; people who show enthusiasm and dynamism to fulfill your project goals and surpass your expectations;

A team of extraordinary professionals who can be "YOUR PARTNERS FOR GROWTH".

This is the essence behind E.P Creation Services. We have experience, know-how, expertise, dynamism, efficiency, creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism, care value –added services and target oriented results.

From conception to implementation to customer support, E.P Creation Services provides global IT, web and marketing solutions, including web design and development, brand strategy, advertising, communication and web marketing. We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, driven by our passion for what we do.

We can help you inspire your customers.


Ellie Kaimi Patsalos
Managing Director